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Korngold's Concert works.

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Korngold's Concert works.

Postby tjguitar » Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:26 pm

I currently only have two of the Chandos discs:

- Cello Concerto/ Piano Concerto/ Symphonic Serenade/ Military March
- Sinfonietta/ Sirsum Corda

I'm going to pick up the symphony, i was thinking the Oregon Symphony recording or the CPO disc because it also has 'Themes and Variations' which I do not yet have. I just noticed there are a ton of discs on ASV as well. Thinking about "String quartets No. 1 (Op 16) and 2 (Op 26)" ,and "String Quartet No.3 (op 34), Sextet (Op 10), "Piano Quintet (Op 15), Suite (Op 23)"

I also am thinking about the piano trio disc on Profil...

Does anyone have any recommendations for others to add to my collection?
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Postby Bob Kingston » Thu Oct 19, 2006 12:27 am


First off, please steer clear of the Profil CD!! Although the performances are generally good, the performers have opted for several very odd--and totally unnecessary--cuts in the Trio and the Sonata. For the life of me, I can't figure out why they felt the need to disfigure this music. If you're looking for the same pairing, I'd suggest that you try to find the EMI disc with Glenn Dicterow, Alan Stepansky, and Israela Margalit. Otherwise, for the Op.1, look for either the Pacific Arts Trio on Delos (coupled with the Piano Trio by Charles Ives) or the Göbel-Trio's recording on Etcetera (coupled with the Op.10 String Sextet). The Marco Polo recording of the Violin Sonata with Andras Kiss and Ilona Prunyi is excellent, as is the performance of the Piano Quintet that rounds out the disc.

To my ear, the chamber music offerings on ASV have been much more successful than the orchestral performances, which I've found to be pretty anemic. I suppose whether you decide to go with them depends on how much you want to duplicate what's available elsewhere.

For the Op.23 Suite, which is near the top of my list of favorite Korngold works, I'd recommend either the Sony recording with Leon Fleischer (coupled with the G minor Quintet for strings and piano left hand by Franz Schmidt) or the one with Bengt Forsberg, et al, that's part of the 2-CD "Rendevous with Korngold" set on Deutsche Grammophon.

The CPO discs were a welcome addition to the catalogue when they came out back in the early 1990s, but there are now many better performances of most of these works. I like the Oregon Symphony recording of the Symphony, and not just because they're my home town band. DePreist's tempi are on the slow side, but I think they work. The Chandos CD with the BBC Philharmonic packs more of a sonic punch, and has the orchestral version of the Op.14 Abschiedslieder as a pairing. (If you're up for a treasure hunt, try tracking down the live recording with the McGill (University) Symphony Orchestra. It's on their own label, and the catalog number is 750043.)

I hope this doesn't completely confuse the situation. Let me know what you end up buying!
Bob Kingston
Portland, Oregon
Bob Kingston
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Postby tjguitar » Sun Apr 29, 2007 1:24 am

I ended up buying the Oregn Symphony's recording fo the Symphony and the Chandos CD with Fairy Tale Pictures etc.

Still don't have the Violin concerto. Haven't gottenaround to chamber music, as I'm generally not a fan of smaller-scale works.
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Postby tjguitar » Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:40 am

I have just placed an order for the EMI recording of Piano Trio and Violin Sonata at amazon.

Also since that last post a few years ago, I have acquired the symphony (two recordings--Oregon Symphony and recently the George Korngold produced Munich), the Varese recording of the Sinfonieta, the Shaham violin concerto, Piano Quintet/String Quartet No 2 on Varese (reissued from Bay Cities) and I have the Phillippe Quint recording of the Violin concerto pre-ordered...

(and of course the TFC PRINCE AND THE PAUPER is on the way shortly.)
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Re: Korngold's Concert works.

Postby faariwasi » Wed Oct 29, 2014 1:17 pm

Can't wait to hear the Quint recording of the concerto. Loved his disc of Rozsa solo violin works.
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