Kings Row on FSM?

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Post by Peter Timoney » Mon Dec 24, 2007 2:22 pm


Yes, I agree. superb sound for Kings Row ( which I expected perhaps) but I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Sea Wolf. I've never heard it better. My only slight quibble about Kings Row is that it has a few minutes of missing material (as Brendan points out, these are lost) including unfortunatly one of my favourite parts, the love scene with the flashing lightning. It hardly spoils a wonderful release.

I have also received Magic Fire and enjoyed it. The sound is maybe not as good as the above but it is fairly good. As a devoted Wagnerian it came as a shock to hear so many excerpts ripped apart and glued together again. I also found some of the speeds rampant and furious. However on my second listen and realising that some pieces were of concert footage and some used as incidental music it quickly made sense. From my own experience of trying to tape the best of Wagner for friends among the many hours available I appreciate the difficulty of choosing excerpts properly. I think Korngolds choices are excellent and apart from the strangeness of hearing the pieces in such rapidly changing forms I think it works very well in the context in trying to compress a life of music into a 90 odd minute movie. The playing and the singing I find excellent.

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