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Bob Kingston
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Post by Bob Kingston » Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:47 am

Hi all,

After lurking around this forum for a couple of weeks, I decided to register. By way of a first posting, I thought I'd introduce myself.

I can't recall my first exposure to Korngold's music, but I got to know the film scores well enough to propose analyzing a number of them for my master's thesis in music history way back in 1991, well before much scholarly work had been done on film music, let alone on Korngold. (I'm sure Mr. Carroll doesn't recall, but I called him out of the blue one day from the US, and we had a very nice--and very long--phone conversation about Korngold.)

Unfortunately, as academic fate would have it, my advisor wasn't entirely convinced that film music was a valid field of inquiry for a budding musicologist, and I was eventually "pursuaded" to drop Korngold in favor of something more acceptable (in my case, 19th-century Italian opera.) I've never lost my love for the film scores, though, and I've often thought about revisiting the works to see if, after 15 years, I've gained any fresh new insights into them. (Besides, I need to do something with the huge stack of copied manuscript pages I obtained from the Library of Congress and the Warner Bros. Archives during the course of my research.)

I do look forward to chatting with you all more in the future.


Bob Kingston
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brendan g carroll
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I do remember you

Post by brendan g carroll » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:45 am

Hi Bob

Yes I recall our chat with much pleasure - I rarely forget anything. I always wondered whatever became of you. Too bad about your thesis.

Well, I hope you will feel moved to make use of your materials. Why not write something for this website? I am sure the Editors would appreciate a considered and informative piece on the film scores, especially with the new complete CD recording of SEA HAWK due later this year on Naxos.

Keep the faith!
with best wishes
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