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Korngold Society

Post by tjguitar » Sun May 20, 2007 9:53 pm

I just notice this on the main page:
www.korngold-society.org is only a domain name
and a simple keyword for the use of internet web site only .
We have no similarity with the International Korngold
society based in Germany , whose president is
Mr Brendan G Carroll .
Does the International Korngold Society have a website? Does it publish newsletters? DOes it take donations?

I think Mr. Carroll should add that info (or a link to where to find such info) somewhere on this site....
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Re: Korngold Society

Post by eleftherios » Sat Aug 04, 2007 10:37 pm

Hello tjguitar and sorry for my late reply.

The International Korngold Society as far as I know does not have web site.
This site began as my effort to make people learn and find more information regarding our beloved composer. In the meantime many members of the International Korngold society are helping us with their knowledge in our web site (Mr. Brendan G. Carrol - Mr. Bernd Rachold and many many more) and I thank them for their help.
Many thanks also to Troy Dixon, Dennis Millers for helping me update and maintenance the site.

I try my best to update the site with information the visitors send me or find in the internet, unfortunately this is my hobby, and in many occasions my free time is limited.

* It was one of my plans to make a monthly newsletter but I still have no time for preparations, if anyone can help it would be very nice.

** Any donations for our web site are always welcome !!!! :D

Greetings from Athens-Greece

Eleftherios Neroulias
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