Much Ado about Nothing - Suite for Violin and Piano

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Arranged for "Suite"??

Post by Tsuruhara » Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:10 pm

Hello Moozyk!

I think that the third piece should be called " intermezzo".
Toscha Seidel plays "intermezzo", but does not play "gardenscene".

Please refer to the following URL that I made.
Isao Tsuruhara (Shobi-University,Japan)
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Much Ado about nothing

Post by Bernd.O.Rachold » Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:21 pm

Gentlemen, EWK decided to create a suite from his incidental music BEFORE the play itself was performed. Already at Jan. 24, 1920 he premiered the orchestral suite with the Viennese S.O. (by the way together with the premiere of Sursum Corda). The premiere of the play and of course the complete inc. music = 14 pieces happened at May 5 and 6, 1920 in the palace theatre of Schoenbrunn, a stage from the Burgtheater, EWK cond. members of the Viennese Philh. Orch. From the beginning all artists knew very well that it wasn´t possible for the orch.members to play en-suite due to other duties. So EWK prepared different chamber-versions for the whole piece in time, and at May 21, 1920 he performed it the 1st time as trio with Paul Breisach, piano, too, who conducted the piece during May as well, and Rudolf Kolisch, left-violinist (EWK`s pupil as Julius K. said) and brother of Gertrud who later married the widower A. Schoenberg. At June 21, 1920 EWK plaid the duo-version with Kolisch which may be the real premiere of this combination. Lateron Josef Zimbler, a concertmaster of the V.Ph.O., replaced Kolisch sometimes. At Oct. 26, 1920 the production moved to the Burgtheater, EWK cond. members of the V.Ph.O. again, etc. ...up to 1925. Op.11 found a new production at March 30, 1933 in the Burgtheater again and the Akademietheater with a score, revised but neither conducted nor plaid by EWK. One of the very first performances of the suite as duo happened at Oct. 31, 1921 in Vienna by Fritz Kreisler and Otto Schulhof.- All dates from DIE KORNGOLDS IN WIEN.- If of interest: actuel articles about the three Korngolds, Erich, Julius and especially Hans Robert: link: Personen. In German of course.
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