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Post by Guest » Mon Jul 04, 2005 10:42 pm


I have a CD with a recording of this piece which sounds very like that which was sung in the Korngold film. Hopefully someone can tell me for definite that it is the same piece as in the film. I'm sure it is. The CD is called From the Operas of Erich Wolfgang Korngold produced in 1989 on Cambria records. It contains 1 piece from Polykrates, 1 from Violanta, 2 from tote Stadt, 1 from Heliane and 6 from Die Kathrin. According to the liner notes it was recorded in Vienna in 1949 by the Austrian State Radio Orchestra, under different conductors including Korngold.

The pieces from Katrin are:
Briefszene...soprano Ilona Steingruber, conductor Gottfried Kassowitz

Ich bin ein Liedersaenger
soprano...Gundula Janowitz, tenor..Rudolf Christ, conductor...Wilhelm Loibner

Szene in Nachtlokal
soprano...Rosl Schwaiger, tenor Anton Dermota, conductor...Gottfried Kassowitz

Soldaten Marsch und Gebet
Soprano...Ilona Steingruber, conductor Gottfried Kassowitz

Arie des Malignac
baritone...Alfred Poell, conductor Gottfried Kassowitz

Wanderlied (the one you refer to in your question)
tenor..Anton Dermota, conductor...Erich Wolfgang Korngold

It is on the CambriaCD 1032 Historical series according to the notes.

I hope this helps.

Stefan Schlegel
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Post by Stefan Schlegel » Mon Jul 04, 2005 11:58 pm


yes it is absolutely the same version as on the CD with that great Viennese voice of Anton Dermota, who makes this aria so enchanting.

Brendan Carroll

Post by Brendan Carroll » Mon Jul 25, 2005 9:11 am

Yes, it's Dermota. I chose this for the film.
Dermota sang the Vienna premiere in 1951.

I regret the 2nd Symphony sketch will not be published at this time. It can be viewed in the Library of Congress, Washington.
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