Korngold in LOS ANGELES 2007

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Korngold in LOS ANGELES 2007

Post by brendan g carroll » Thu Apr 26, 2007 7:03 pm

Dear all

I have tried [without success] to alter details about events in Los Angeles during the 50th anniversary year on this site and so I am resorting to the message board to advise everyone of the following:-

1. I am not attending the Lieder Recital on May 22 in the Villa Aurora and will consequently NOT be giving a keynote address nor will I be able to meet those of you who have indicated (by post & email) that they will be attending and hoping to meet me. Apologies if you are making the trip especially.

2. The exhibition at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles in October WILL take place and there will be some film screenings, but there will not now be a conference, concerts or any other events as described.

As a result I will NOT be attending this event either, nor making a KEYNOTE ADDRESS. Once again, to those who have emailed expressing the wish to meet me, I am sorry we won't be able to do so.
Please amend your diaries.
best wishes
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