Zeisl/Braunfels/Korngold Liederabend

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Zeisl/Braunfels/Korngold Liederabend

Post by scott curry » Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:39 pm

If you‘re needing your live Korngold-fix and are in or near Berlin on 7/3..

Verbotene Lieder
Peter Paul, Baritone
Scott Curry, Piano
March 7, 17:00
Kloster Lehnin

Korngold-posthumous songs, songs from opp.9,27,29,38,"Sonnett an Wien", and arias from "Die stumme Serenade","Die Kathrin","Das Lied der Liebe","Die tote Stadt" and "Tomorrow" from "The Constant Nymph", as well as lieder by Erich Zeisl and Walter Braunfels.
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