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Founding Editor:
Eleftherios Neroulias (contact)
Current Editor-in-Charge: Troy O. Dixon (contact)
Chief Website Sponsor: Bernhard Vischerr
The goal of this website is to provide both current and historical information about Erich Wolfgang Korngold to those interested in learning more about the composer’s life, career, and music. We aim, therefore, to provide not only biographical information, but to present up-to-date listings of reading and reference material, new and forthcoming recordings, and a selective listing of concerts and recitals.
Visitors will have a wide variety of information at their fingertips to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s life and music. We provide collections of special interviews, concert and recording reviews, and articles of both general and special interest topics related to Korngold. Our affiliation with Korngold researchers and biographers will allow us to furnish updates on recent discoveries and ongoing projects.
The website is currently undergoing changes to improve the accessibility of its information. Our intent is to make the revisions and improvements as unobtrusive to visitors as possible. As we make the transition to our new home page, we are maintaining a link to the former main page.
Our website is not-for-profit, maintained by devotees and fans of Korngold’s music, and has indirect ties to The International Korngold Society and The Korngold Foundation.
Website History
Originally posted on 27 February 2001 by Eleftherios Neroulias, our website is dedicated to Erich Wolfgang Korngold, child prodigy composer, conductor, film music progenitor, performer.

A devoted Korngold fan, Mr. Neroulias established this website at a time when he believed there was a lack of adequate, accurate information available on the Internet about Erich Wolfgang Korngold. He elected to create and dedicate a website for the promotion of Korngold, his life and his music. He was joined by Robert Glaser, John Allan, and Elias Bogris in maintaining and updating the website, and enlarging its content.

Within its first year, the website became a base for concert listings, interviews with leading Korngold authorities, and the start of a series of film breakdowns by Bill Wrobel.
The site changed its general appearance in Oct 2002 (see at left), but continued its primary mission to keep its visitors updated on the expanding interest in Korngold and his music.
In March of 2005 the website’s appearance was altered once again, but continued to maintain its traditional format and presentation. With the addition of a forum, the site allowed registered visitors to post questions and comments.
With the transition of Troy Dixon to primary editor, a major revision of the site occurred, redistributing its content and making it easier to locate information. Substantial additions to its links and resources, reformatting of its books and DVD lists, and the addition of a page devoted to recent news regarding Korngold research and scholarship were a few of these improvements.
The website continues today as a resource for visitors, fans and researchers alike, providing resources and current news about Korngold and his music.
Of note:
“www.korngold-society.org” was part of an exhibit in the Louvre museum in France to a dedication with the subject “Classical music and multimedia”.

Partial Listing of Website Editors and Assistants
proximate)Eleftherios Neroulias, Editor (Feb 2001 – Oct 2009)
Bernhard Vischer, Editor (Jan 2002 – Oct 2009)
Website Sponsor (2004 – present)
Robert Glaser (Mar 2001 – May 2002)
John Allan (Apr 2001 – May 2002)
Elias Bogris, Asst. Editor (Apr 2001 – May 2002)
Troy Dixon, Asst. Editor (Dec 2003 – Oct 2009)
Chief Editor-in-Charge (Oct 2009 – present)
John Anastasiadis, Editor (Aug 2004 – Dec 2004)
Dennis Miller, Forum Administrator (Apr 2006 – Oct 2009)