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Erich Wolfgang Korngold died on 29 November 1957, in Hollywood, California. In honor of the 50th anniversary of his death, events were held throughout the world over the course of 2007, including concerts, symposia, film screenings, and more. Unsurprisingly, a concentration of events took place in the latter half of the year, focusing on the actual month he died.
Here we present a retrospective of some of the events that made the memorial year of 2007 special for the family, friends and fans of Erich Wolfgang Korngold and his music. Our primary emphasis is to try to help share a small part of this special series of memorial events with those who were unable to be present at them. As such, the list of stories, photos, and reviews may grow over the coming weeks and months.
Our website editor, Troy Dixon, spent the last half of November traveling around Europe, joining a small entourage of people attending special concerts and events in London and Vienna. Before starting out, he conceived an idea of creating this memorial page, and kept a small ‘diary’ (“Tagebuch” in German) as the days of the trip passed. So we begin with that short diary, and will post more recollections as time goes on.
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Troy’s Todestag Tagebuch, by Troy Dixon
A diary of our Editor’s experiences during some of the European Memorial events.
Heliane: A Wonder, by Troy Dixon
The rehearsal and performance of the UK premiere of Das Wunder der Heliane
The House of Music Matinee, by Troy O. Dixon
The Adventures of Robin Hood in Vienna, by Troy O. Dixon
Piano Quintet Performance at the Musikverein, by Kathrin Korngold Hubbard
The Korngold residence, by Troy O. Dixon
The Jewish Museum and the Korngold Exhibit, by Troy Dixon
Hollywood in Vienna / Vienna in Hollywood, by Troy O. Dixon
The Stern Quartet in Vienna
American university students travel to Austria to help commemorate Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s 50th Anniversary

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USC Opening Concert
Kathrin’s Speech
Quinlan Remarks
NOTE: Website articles are no longer active. (Sep 2011)
“Recital at the US Embassy – Vienna – 30 Nov 2007”
“NCSA Reaches Out to Vienna” by Ken Keuffel
Originally posted December 2007 — reformatted January 2011