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Spam Elimination/Sans Spam!

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:15 am
by filmscorerundowns
Thanks, Eleftherios, for again getting rid of that excessive spam that blighted this forum for several months. Now that it's back to normal (hope you can prevent that from happening again), I decided to update my Film Score Rundowns thread with new images (my own hand-copied notes from personal research): ... ?f=5&t=308

First I deleted the old replies that had "Forbidden" listed regarding images created on ImageShack.. That was due entirely on my own part when I needed to delete images from the allowed bank I had in order to make room for new images.500 images is the limit (bank) for the free Basic subscription unless one subscribes (for $$$) to a Premium Account. It's easy to use image shack:

Simply highlight and "Copy" the "Direct Link" of the image you uploaded from your computer to ImageShack, then paste it between:

Re: Spam Elimination/Sans Spam!

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:16 am
by filmscorerundowns
Oppps! I spoke too soon. I see that soon after I posted this new spam thread that a jerk (probably the same lamebrain as before) posted a "cheap air jordans" spam notice!Hopefully, Eleftherios, you can catch him in time so that he cannot send anymore juvenile (he's probably a pimply teenager with nothing better to do) "air-head" spam entries.

I have the Film Score Rundowns site since 1999, and I am glad I never included a FSR Forum (considering the hassle of unwanted spam intrusions).

Some day, if I have the time, I'll include in my FSR YouTube in "Private" mode a video or two of a Korngold score. I already have a Private mode video of "Decision of Christopher Blake" (music by Max Steiner) and "Ice Palace" (Steiner) but so far none of Korngold. If I ever do one, I'll make a notice. Then you can send me your email address that I can include in the permitted area-to-watch (as long as you are registered on YouTube and signed in). My ideal goal is to get permission from Warner Bros. to present these videos in the Public mode (as I already have and do for the CBS Herrmann scores), but so far no luck...